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Serving Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas Since 1979

Do you find yourself more interested in fashion and beauty than in traditional educational subjects? If so, cosmetology school could be a more interesting, less expensive alternative to a four-year liberal arts college. If you're looking to receive cosmetic art training and wish to make a career of helping others look and feel beautiful, then CC's Cosmetology College is your best choice. We've been educating aspiring young cosmetologists for more than 30 years.

CC's Cosmetology College serves Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma with quality, accredited education and training in multiple cosmetic disciplines, including:

With our experience we can teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed in the business of beauty.

Beauty is always in demand!

Cosmetology is a growing industry. Salon hires spiked 40% nationally in the last year. Graduates from cosmetology school are almost always able to find a job in the industry right after graduation. On average, a full-time cosmetologist can make around $38,000 per year before adding in tips. Salon owners can make over $100,000 depending on prices and clientele.

Fashion, Fun, and Flexibility

In addition to being a creative outlet, cosmetology can be your ticket to adventure. You might find yourself in London doing makeup for a fashion show featuring some of the world's foremost designers. You could find yourself on a movie set in Los Angeles, dressing hair for actors and actresses in a blockbuster movie. Or you could work at a corner boutique in your hometown. The location is up to you! With many salons offering both full-time and part-time employment, the hours could be at your own discretion, as well.

Affordable Cosmetology College

Choosing cosmetology school can get you into the workforce faster and with less debt than a traditional college education. Some students take less than a year to finish their training and are making top dollar in the field before the age of 30. We allow you to complete school at your own pace, meaning you can work a part-time job stay ahead of student loan debt.

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Our Value

  • Established in 1979
  • First school in Oklahoma to convert to credit hours
  • Articulation agreement with OSU to accept credits
  • Involved in student competitions since 1982. Aawards recieved for Total Fashion, Hairstyling, Makeup and more.